Top tips for hotel searching in pratunam


If you are travelling to Pratunam, you may be looking for the perfect accommodation. Many have heard horror stories of hotels that are unclean, with poor customer service and noisy neighbors. The secret to a good holiday is not to just book the first, or cheapest hotel – but you need to do your research on your destination to find the best accommodation for your specific needs. Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for the perfect hotel in Pratunam.

  1. Keep in mind your preferences: Different hotels offer different ameneties, so before you search, decide what it is that is important to you. Would you like a pool and a spa? Do you need somewhere that can is suitable for accommodating children? Or would you rather have somewhere with a central location so that you are close to the tourist attractions? These are things that are important to think about before you compare different hotels.
  2. Book in advance, and with a refund: Accommodation should be the first thing you book, after flights or trains, for your holiday. Book well in advance to avail of the best offers – and don’t be shy of comparing offers and discounts. If you give yourself enough time, you might save yourself a lot of money and get a great hotel while doing so!
  3. Check the customer reviews: Luckily, online booking of hotels has become much easier with Google Reviews and other review sites. Research how past hotel-goers experienced the place – this can tell you important things that you may not know before arrival, like if the walls are thin or if the staff is rude. Websites such as and can help you find these reviews easily!
  4. Compare locations on a map: When comparing hotels, be sure to have Google Maps open next to you to assess where exactly it is in your destination. If a deal seems too good to be true – it may be, and you may have to spend a lot more on transport costs when arriving to your destination.
  5. Find out the clientele: Investigate what type of people often visit your accommodation. If you are looking for a romantic weekend away, perhaps a hotel that is often visited by college students to party isn’t the best place for you.

A trip away should be relaxing and by using these tricks, you will find your ideal accommodation (and maybe even save some money) to enjoy your holiday as much as you can.

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