Top Tips for a Short Stay in Bangkok Thailand


Many people make Bangkok a stop-off point, a hub from which they can explore Southeast Asia, which makes the city a busy place with many local attractions to explore. When you first arrive at the City of Angels, it is natural to feel a bit apprehensive; heavy traffic on seemingly chaotic roads and the haze of pollution during rush hour, yet this massive metropolis has much to offer the tourist. Here are a few top tips for your short stay in Bangkok.

  • Choose a boutique hotel – Forget the major hotel chains; Google can help you source the websites of local boutique hotels; one such established business is the elegant Villa Deva hotel in Bangkok, where they have a wellness centre and a poolside bar. You get the best value when you book online and boutique hotels are generally cheaper than known chains.
  • Make the best use of Sky Train – Get yourself a map of the mass transit network and plan your daily outings in Central Bangkok; of course, there are taxis everywhere that will take you to where you want to go. The canals have e-boat taxis that stop at many places; you can explore the intricate canal network and see how the locals live.
  • Changing money – You may not be aware that you are charged a few dollars every time you withdraw cash on your credit card and that adds up over a few weeks. There are many exchange booths in the city (Super Rich offers the best rates) and try to bring US notes that are not marked or damaged.
  • Eat a hearty breakfast – If your hotel offers a buffet breakfast, you can fill up and get by with some street food until your evening meal. Bangkok is a street food lover’s paradise with so many tasty dishes, such as noodles, BBQ chicken, pork satay and many Thai desserts. Of course, there are fast-food outlets we all love if you are homesick, but you would be better off trying all the local cuisine.
  • Beware of pickpockets – Every large city has pickpockets and Bangkok is no exception; order a travel bag that you wear on your body, which is concealed and will protect you from thieves. Be extra vigilant when in very crowded places, as this is where thieves await.

A few days is never enough to see and experience the entire city, yet you can enjoy the beautiful parks and stunning temples, while Bangkok offers the best nightlife in the world.

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