Luck of the Irish and magic themed slot machine games


Main slot deposit pulsa with a luck of the Irish and magic theme as you might just find them to be quite interesting. The following is what to know about these particular themes:

Luck of the Irish slot machine theme

You don’t need to be superstitious in order to gravitate to the slots which have four leaf clover, horse shoes, and pots of gold. The slot machine luck of the Irish theme will inspire the success of the game including the fact that, you will enjoy a lot of fun.

There are sometime when you will find an entertaining leprechaun host who cheers you on or work some sort of magic on the feel of what you are to benefit. It is possible to spread the luck by using the below slot machine which are Irish themed:

  • Rainbow riches
  • Golden leprechaun mega ways
  • Shamrockers
  • 9 pots of gold
  • Barry the disco leprechaun

The Barry the disco leprechaun is known to be one of the unusual slot machines that is Irish themed, but you can still enjoy the 9 pots of gold. It does not have the same appeal in name but the pots of gold normally add up to bonus prizes which are valuable


The change-o, presto, slot machine that are magic themed can be able to turn your balance in the account into a life changing one.  The goodness about playing on a slot machine that is themed on magic is that, the illustrations and the magic is that, you will get lot of work with special effects and custom bonuses.

The following are some of the best real magic theme that you can play as your chosen slot machine:

  • Rabbit in the hat
  • Vegas magic
  • Wizard of gems
  • The great gambini’s night magic

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