How Distance Learning is Implemented During the Pandemic


Here in Australia, we seemed to have been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, with lockdowns in many cities, and this has impacted every aspect of society, not least education. Of course, we can’t have our kids going to school with a deadly virus about, and the obvious solution to that is distance learning.

Setting Up Distance Learning

Of course, schools must invest in the IT hardware to be able to offer e-learning courses and with hardware available from TechXPress, learning institutions are prepared for online classes. This would require an IT company to set up the hardware, which would use VoIP technology to enable students to interact with their teacher.

Student Requirements

Primary and kindergarten students will need to be supervised by an adult, which would be one of the parents, who would sit with the student throughout the lesson. The adult is there to ensure the safety of the child and also to make sure they are focused on their work.

Older Students

Secondary students do not require adult supervision, as they are old enough to be responsible for their own learning and with an online session with the teacher at the start of the day, the students can use Internet resources to do their work assignments, then submit the work at the end of the day. Of course, every student needs a computer, a stable Internet connection, a webcam and a microphone, which allows them to interact with their teacher, who is remotely located at the school.

Learning Resources

It is likely that the school would issue each student with certain learning resources that are not available online, which are to be used throughout the academic term, plus their teacher would email each student a long list of useful links to help them with the class material. For older students Google is all they really need, as this search engine can find anything and everything and for the younger students, mum or dad can help in many ways.

Online Testing

As the term progresses, students will still sit their mid-term tests, only they will answer the questions online, which might be in the form of multiple choice, or to write their answer in a data window. The end of term exams would also be done remotely, as long as travel restrictions apply, which is necessary to evaluate the student learning outcome.

Distance learning is an essential aspect of education during the pandemic and it is also used by those who live in remote regions, where long distances are involved when going to school.

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