4 Things That Keep You From Winning in Online Slots


Whether you are looking to try out a new game or want to have some fun at the casino, playing online slots is one of the most popular games around.

But what are some things that keep people from winning when they play? Believe it or not, many different factors can impact your chances in this game.

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Auto Spin?

Using the Auto Spin option on slots that don’t seem like they would typically offer big wins.

When this feature is used, all bets remain the same for every spin, which means even if an abnormally large payout comes along, it won’t change your bet size, meaning you’ll lose any chance of winning that jackpot!

So instead, try manually spinning each round before collecting your prize (if there was one).

This blog post will go over 4 common mistakes people make when playing online slots and how you can avoid them!


  • The first one is playing too many games at once. This can be confusing and causes you to forget which ones are already paid out, leading to wasted money! So instead, only play one game at a time until its winnings have been collected.

  • Secondly, another way people keep themselves from winning in online slots is by constantly chasing their losses. So if you find yourself chasing your losses, it’s best to walk away before you lose even more money!

  • Thirdly, people who play multiple lines but only bet on one is another way that players tend not to win in online slots. While playing all the different paylines can be fun and exciting when betting just a few coins per line, it can eat away at your bankroll.

  • Fourth, people who put all their money on one bet are another way players keep themselves from winning in online slots. Instead, players should spread their bets across different lines and within certain limits, so they don’t lose everything to a single spin of the wheel!

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